Update March 18: March Auction Protocols, Info

Out of an abundance of concern for our loyal clients and customers, our March auction is going to be conducted with bidding ONLINE-ONLY, plus phone and absentee bidding. We have added a second ‘live’ bidding platform which offers the same Buyers Premium as is available to in-person bidders, 15%. Persons who pay within 5 calendar days of the auction by cash, wire transfer, or approved check will also receive a discount on the Buyers Premium, making it 12% (Live Auctioneers bidders, 20%/17%, see below).

PHONE AND ABSENTEE BIDDING: In addition, we are lowering our threshold for phone bidding. For this auction, phone bidding will be available on items with low estimates of $500 (lowered from $1000). A limited number of phone lines are available; requests for phone bidding will be processed first-come, first-served, and must be scheduled before 11am, Friday.  

Pre-auction absentee bids may be left with us either during preview, or on the bidding sites (see below).


We are adding additional gallery previews, in order to minimize the number of people in the building at the same time. We are also adding one person/one couple at a time “By Appointment” (20 minute periods) preview times for persons in higher risk categories. PLEASE NOTE: NO MORE THAN 10 PEOPLE WILL BE ALLOWED IN AT ONE TIME, YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT IN YOUR VEHICLE FOR A TIME UNTIL ACCESS IS AVAILABLE. We appreciate your consideration as we navigate this difficult time, and attempt to minimize risk for all.

Previews will be offered:

Thursday, March 19

  • By Appointment: 12pm-2pm
  • Open: 2pm-4pm (limit 10 ppl at a time)

Friday, March 20

  • By Appointment: 12pm-2pm
  • Open: 2pm-7pm (limit 10 ppl at a time)

There is NO preview day of sale.

*For our jewelry preview clients, we ask that you would please stop in our restroom and wash your hands prior to interacting with our counter staff (who will be wearing protective gloves) to handle the jewelry.

PLEASE do not attend the preview if:

  • You are in a high-risk age group, or have pre-existing health conditions that put you in a high-risk group
  • You’ve been in close proximity with someone who is ill (even slightly), or if you have mild symptoms of cough, cold or flu.
  • Please, no children. Recent studies are indicating that younger people are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers.
  • Your interest in bidding is minimal, and you’d just like someplace to go 😉

AUCTION PROTOCOL, LINKS: We will be receiving ‘live’ internet bidding as usual, just adding a second platform. This is not an automated, timed closing as many of our online-only auctions are; we’ll be running the timing, but we anticipate our average of 80-90 lots per hour will be consistent. Pre-auction absentee and ‘live’ bidding will be available on both:

https://wickliffauctioneers.hibid.com/catalog/200119/march-gallery-auction–online-only/ (15% Buyers Premium) and https://www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/164112_online-only-march-gallery-auction/. (20% Buyers Premium).

*Since we are running multiple platforms manually, online bidders may see a ‘floor bid’ competing. That term will represent other bidders participating via the other online platform, or via absentee bid or via phone.

PICKUP: Winning bidders may pick up items as follows:

  • For 90 minutes following the sale of the last item (please note, we cannot process checkout for online bidders during the auction)
  • Monday, March 23, 10a-4pm. We will have loading assistance available from 10am-2pm, for those purchasing large or heavy items. Please bring your own boxes and packaging, if needed.
  • Tuesday thru Friday, March 24-28: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Also, please bring your own loading assistance, if needed. Please bring your own boxes and packaging, if needed.
  • If longer storage is needed, we can be flexible, just communicate with us if shipping or pickup locally is going to require more time for you

We are using all available resources to provide exceptional service to our clients and customers during this time, and we are fortunate to have the online bidding experience to be able to offer high-quality items at auction. We truly appreciate your continued support during these temporary circumstances.

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